“CANopen”: our new language

Liftern Italy has adopted the CANopen open standard data protocol as of Interlift 2022.

Lift components can communicate with one another using this plug-and-play protocol as if they were speaking the same language.

By providing unique solutions, CANopen is a customized system that can satisfy all market requirements.

It was introduced in 2003 and has since gained popularity in more than 27 countries around the world, giving more than 50 providers a platform to market products and services that are CANopen compliant.

By using this protocol, it is feasible to assemble the system from different manufacturers rather than relying on a single source of a full range of services.


Finally, there are numerous advantages:

  • Energy efficiency
  • heightened operational readiness
  • Flexible and simple upgrades
  • low expenses for design and implementation
  • Self-diagnostics and automatic error detection
  • Simple to configure and modify