In Liftern there is a great abundance of innovative business ideas, technologies and capital.

But to set certain goals, these factors alone are not enough: the ingredient that manages to enhance the effectiveness of all the key elements of our organization and create a beneficial synergy between them is a close-knit team of people who collaborate with each other in an organized manner.

Every individual, every idea, every product project in the lift sector, needs specific care and attention, which make it unique and exclusive. This is our starting point. This is Liftern.


“An enterprise that can build a team that can work well together is bound to succeed.”


High-profile innovation and research

Continuous evolution.
This is the heart of our business, our philosophy and our strength.


Quality that must not be lost

Good humor is an integral part of Liftern, and it is a quality that any successful company should not miss.

It is very important for us to actively involve all our staff in achieving our goals, for us productivity and good humor are synonymous with quality!


Quality product

Quality is a path of continuous improvement aimed at achieving customer satisfaction. Liftern has invested in the professionalism of its employees to achieve this goal.

Combining the professionalism and skills of our staff, obtained through research, with the quality of our equipment (respecting current standards), we obtain the maintenance over time of the quality of products and services required by the market and agreed with the customer.