Liftern Italia
Our Strengths
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Market need

We are always oriented to the ever-changing market.

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High Technology

Always in step with changes thanks to our machinery that allows technological efficiency.

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Research and Development

We study innovation technology to improve products and services.


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20 years of experience

Customers all over Europe

Liftern Italia offers a wide choice of different products for technical solutions, characteristics and design.

Ours is a company that invests important economic resources on the continuous research and development of cutting-edge engineering techniques.

In case of problems there will be people both remotely or possibly on site who will take action to find an effective solution in the shortest possible time.

Liftern is focused on ensuring safety in the production of controllers while respecting EN81-20/51 and EN81-21 standards and design quality. Integrity, mutual respect and precision inspire our way of being and identify the people we work with.

Our company is not limited to essential values such as integrity, mutual respect and precision in details but is more branched out always seeking continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to become a leader in Italy so that customers rely on us to find the quality of service and professionalism in communications.

We have a department dedicated exclusively to problem solving for our customers and technicians.
Liftern has been at the forefront of the evolution of its assistance services by leveraging the concept of Industrial Internet.

We have real-time visibility into equipment usage and a unique customer experience through remote monitoring and diagnostics. Our team guarantees real-time assistance.

New Liftern Italia product
EON Control Panel

Thanks to the integrated display and the safety circuit LEDs, you can check and immediately identify any malfunction or error in your control panel.

An important feature is the ability to connect an app via Bluetooth to the controller.

The revolution is the CANopen high-level serial communication protocol which, based on the CIA 301 standard, maker the communication network universal.

This protocol is bing developed to reduce cabling within robotics, conveyor belts and industrial machinery, becoming a standard applications requiring real-time data exchange.

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