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Swiss lift installation concepts that are necessary

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Berna, Svizzera

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In order to prevent unanticipated issues, it is crucial to consider a number of factors while thinking about installing a lift in Switzerland, a country that is not a part of the EU.

The most significant of these concerns to the marketing of a lift in Switzerland, which can only be done if the corporation makes an announcement within 30 days after putting the lift on the market.

Berna, Svizzera
Bern, Switzerland

According to the Ordinance on Lift Safety (OAsc, SR 930.112) of 25 November 2015, Article 7, the following details must be declared:

a. the company placing the lifts on the market;

b. the address of the place of assembly;

c. the date of placing on the market

d. depending on the type of lift

  1. the area of use (in the company or outside the company),
  2. the type of traction (electric or hydraulic; with or without machine room),
  3. the maximum travel, the number of stops and the rated load.