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Space lifts: the future approaches

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Curiosities around the world

Although a space elevator may seem like an improbable dream, some scientists are working on a strategy for this near-impossible task.

A space lift is a concept that was first proposed in 1895 to make space travel easier.

The forward-thinking experts assert that the materials needed to build thousands of kilometers of rope with flexibility and great strength are currently unavailable for use in the construction of such lifts.

"Museo del Futuro", Dubai.
“Museo del Futuro”, Dubai.

Although this idea is currently impractical, the brand-new Dubai Future Museum has a lift that, by mimicking the cabin of a spacecraft, alludes to the transportation of guests from Dubai to space.

Dubai’s “Museum of the Future” debuted on February 22, 2022, and it resembles an eye-shaped structure with seven storeys, 77 meters in height, and no scaffolding.

This structure serves as an illustration of how technological progress is enabling the creation of distinctive buildings that make use of robotics and give particular attention to sustainability.


“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, plan it and realise it. It is not something you wait for, but something you create”

This Arabic proverb emphasizes the value of progress and innovation and is one of the decorations on the architectural work known as the “Museum of the Future.” 

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