New Trends in the Lift Industry in 2023

The world of lifts is constantly evolving, with increasingly advanced technologies and innovative solutions that are changing the way we move around in our buildings. In 2023, there are some new trends in the lift industry that deserve our attention.

1. Smart Elevators for the Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming more and more common, and lifts are no different. In 2023, we will see an increase in ‘smart lifts’ designed to integrate seamlessly with home automation systems. You will be able to control your lift with your smartphone, customise your travel preferences and even monitor your energy consumption in real time.

2. Eco-sustainable lifts

With an increasing focus on the environment, the lift industry is embracing eco-sustainable solutions. The latest lifts are designed to minimise energy consumption, use recyclable materials and incorporate energy recycling systems. These advances not only reduce environmental impact, but can also lead to significant energy savings for building owners.

3. High Speed Elevators

Cities are growing in height, and this is driving the demand for high-speed lifts. In 2023, we will see the spread of lifts that can travel at extraordinary speeds, reducing waiting times and allowing faster access to the upper floors of skyscrapers. This is exciting news for those who live or work in skyscrapers in metropolises.

4. Lifts for Inclusiveness

Another important trend is the focus on accessibility. The lifts of 2023 are designed to be more inclusive, with features such as wider entrances for wheelchairs, voice commands for those with mobility difficulties and tactile indicators for the blind. These improvements are making buildings more accessible for everyone.

5. Solar-powered lifts

With the increasing adoption of solar energy, we will see more and more lifts using solar panels to power part of their system. This technology not only reduces energy costs, but also helps reduce the environmental impact of vertical transportation systems.

In summary, the lift industry is going through an exciting phase of change in 2023. New technologies and trends are improving the efficiency, sustainability and accessibility of our lifts, helping to create a smarter, greener future for vertical mobility. Stay tuned for further updates on this fascinating evolution.